Historic Wintersburg

I normally do not post on FB pages other than the official pages associated with Historic Wintersburg. It’s more a matter of not having the time; there are thousands of hours invested in saving a historical site and not enough hours in the day.

I will post this one statement. My apologies I do not have time for an ongoing thread.

I saw statements attributed to me that are simply not accurate, as well as “historical facts” that are not accurate. If anyone wants the factual history, please read the Historic Wintersburg blog, my book (my 2nd book in progress), or go to our Facebook page.

Please be cautious of Facebook “experts.” Please be respectful of those who are represented by this history. We work very hard to get things “right.”

We are not advocating for re-zoning or destruction of any of the historical structures. We would love a heritage park, something I have stated many times over the past 8+ years I have worked to save Historic Wintersburg. Anyone who has actually known me for the past 8+ years knows I have advocated for full preservation. And that I expressed concern publicly about the impact of development proposals in Oak View (included in my statements made part of the public record during years of City hearings.

The reality is we do not own the property. The property owner has rights. The concepts proposed by the upcoming Urban Land Institute technical study are just that: CONCEPTS for discussion. Yes, they come at this effort with a particular point of view, but their concepts are not “the plan.” One concept I particularly like is preservation with restoration of farm uses at the property.

However, until the day I win the Powerball, it is not my decision!

The number one recommendation from the ULI is the creation of a community council to discuss concepts. As they noted there is a severe polarization of views. This council would include residents from Oak View who live there 24-7, the property owner, the preservationists, non profits who work in the neighborhood, school officials. This would be a respectful, facilitated process by which we can work toward feasible concepts.

The ULI recommendations are ONE set of ideas, a proof of concept that shows preservation can work in many forms and that it can include uses that generate revenue to maintain it. Preservationists are ready to fund raise for the preservation projects and we are partnering with our country’s number one expert, the National Trust.

Are we working on other paths to achieve preservation? Yes. I’ve just learned not to share things publicly until they become more reality, to avoid misinformation, disruption, tweeting and Facebook-ing.

As someone who served on this City’s human relations task force and on a number of humanitarian/civil rights issues over several decades, please know I will not participate in throwing anyone under the bus. I am concerned about all the parties coming together and healing a rift. I’m an optimist and will continue working toward that.

I do want to thank the large number of people here, in Huntington Beach (and nationally) who have expressed concern and that they want to see Historic Wintersburg preserved. That to me shows a lot of heart. You’re good people.

We’d love to see all of you at our next fundraising event on Dec. 4 at the Newland House. It is a joint event with the Huntington Beach Historical Society, Holidays in Huntington Beach, circa 1915. Find your 100-year-old clothes, come talk with us face-to-face and have some fun!

I need help for Paragon

I’m currently a very ‘meh’ player at this game. I really thought I would do well; but I’m not good. I typically get 2-oed in tournaments, and that’s… not what I wanted. I want to win for once, to not get bodied or drown in pools there, and to make myself proud.

For Paragon, I want to go as far as possibly could; I dream of making top 64. I’m currently learning Sheik, but I may play Ike (current main/secondary) there and I was going to drop Robin (current main) for now because you have to be REALLY good with him (Xzax’s level at least) to do well in tourneys. I’ve also thought about learning either ZSS or Meta Knight, since they’re both really good tournament options. I’m still really thinking about whether I should drop my main(s) just to so I have a better chance of winning; so I would greatly appreciate some suggestions in that area too.

Since I’ll be playing to win, I need to know all that I can about the game, it’s characters, matchups, best stages; anything that I can apply in a tournament match. Because of that, I would greatly appreciate at least one other good player (it would be awesome if someone on the PR would be willing to help but everyone is welcome) to help in my training for the event.

I already have a list of things I know I need to work on and perfect by then. These bad habits and things I need help on include:
*Rolling (I’m not a cinnamon roll, but I still roll enough for players to read and punish it)
*More precise inputs (Best example of my failure was when I side-b’d instead of up-b-ing back to stage as Sheik; and I do fsmash with her a lot because I’m trying to go for ftilt. I also can’t short hop, fair and fastfall; either I do a full jump instead or I do a dair.
*Careful when fast falling (People have been able to punish me for my fast falling back to stage; I have begun to be less predictable about it, but it’s still a problem until I stop getting punished by it.)
*Ledge getup (There are a lot of options on getting back onstage; and I’ve seen a lot of players do things like getting off the ledge and attacking; and I’ve never considered that. Also, you can probably read how I usually get back onstage and punish me for it.)
*The top-player mentality (Top players are able to think about multiple options at a time, react and follow up immediately, and know all about who they’re facing, and what other character they’re going against. I need to get a mentality close to or exactly this by then.)
*Reaction time (This goes with the whole top player mentality I mentioned. An example of my messing up here would be me getting a down tilt off as Ike, which gives you a free fair or nair, instead of following up; I didn’t do anything. I really need to get something like this down in time; the ability to react at a moment’s notice.)
*Anxiety (I’ve only had an anxiety attack once, and that was a long and interesting story that I’ll only tell if you really want to hear it; because it was… weird. But if I have an anxiety attack there, unless I focus on what’s going on and react properly, I’m finished. I haven’t had an anxious or nervous moment in months thankfully, so I don’t think it will happen unless some crazy stuff happens.)
*Sheik (I especially need help on playing her; I do know some of the BnB combos, like fthrow to bouncing fish. I want to know a lot of the other combos she can get off; especially at the later percents.)

These are just some of the things I know I need help on. If you’re interested in helping, tell me ANYTHING(I mean anything, even the most character-specific thing, just tell me); or we could get some games going. If you’re interested in one or both of these; you can leave your information here or message me for playing and advice; whatever’s best for you.

Don’t tell me to practice; it’s a really generic response that doesn’t tell me much on how to get better. Instead, tell me how to practice; what I should practice. Also, I know that a lot of these things (especially the top-player mentality thing) will take a lot of time to get proficient with, so just tell me how I could accelerate the time it would take for me to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for helping me, some low-level player, get really good in time for the big event. This is WAY too long, I know; so sorry for that. I’m especially sorry if I wasted your time in any way.

All you need to Know about AC Power on Boats

The impact of cool air conditioning feels like a blessing. It’s an incredible advantage to have on a vessel; however you can’t run the A/C unless you have, AC. as in substituting current or 120-volt AC power. The inquiry is, while seaward, how are you going to get it? That relies on upon what’s on your watercraft and how you utilize it.


What requires AC power are warming and cooling gadgets, for example, when you have a microwave, a coffee maker or an air conditioner. You can convey AC power on your vessel in two methods: from a generator that changes over fuel to power or from an inverter that turns 12-volt DC juice from your 12v marine battery into 120-volt AC. An inverter can also deal with some load, however very little.

When you need to run air conditioning, you require a generator. Indeed, even with no air conditioning on a pontoon, running high-limit boiling hot water radiators, electric warming, an electric galley, a large refrigerator or an entertainment system could make the need. The custom is once you have 120-volt parts that require, altogether, somewhere around 1½ and 2 kW to run, it’s generator time.

Generator Analyses

There’s a simple approach to evaluate what size generator you’d need on your vessel. Include up the watts recorded the 120-volt apparatuses you need to run seaward. If you see just amps recorded, proselyte to watts with this formula: watts = volts x amps. Pick a generator that will address your issues at around 66% of its yield rating.

A 42-foot watercraft with a solitary air-conditioning unit would commonly require a 3 to 5 kW generator, which would cost between $5,000 and $8,000. Installation expenses rely on upon whether your engine room is set up for a generator option.

Another probe is, gas or diesel? Winning insight is to run with whatever power your main engines, on the grounds that it’ll be less demanding to refuel, and an additional fuel tank includes weight and complications. Be that as it may, diesel generators are more fuel-effective and require less support, so, if your gas-powered vessel can deal with the additional tank, go diesel.

Inverter Analyses

Take air conditioning out of the comparison, and an inverter turns out to be more practical. For segments that draw little AC loads over brief timeframes, an inverter ought to be fine, and it’s quiet. Many people would prefer not to hear a generator or smell it. Simply stay informed regarding the amp hours.

On the off chance that you need to do an inverter, you need to do a cautious load investigation. You never need the load to draw the boat batteries beneath 50% of their ability. Since inverters keep running at 90% proficiency, you require more battery force than you might suspect.

A few bits of gear on your vessel, similar to a top of the line sound system or flat screen TV, are waveform sensitive, which means they could be harmed by second rate AC yield. These require a genuine sine-wave inverter. Genuine sine-wave is more costly; however it coordinates the juice you’d get from a wall outlet in your home. An altered sine-wave inverter doesn’t create the same astounding current yet is a great deal less expensive.

Discover whether you need a cool wind, some espresso or both.