5 ways to ensure your batteries last longer

Monitor the battery state

Great battery management is the key factor in extending their lifespan. Monitoring brings best golf cart battery and data under control. Discharging batteries less than 50% will drastically reduce your battery's life. Moreover, consistently using up the battery juice can wreck it and prompt failure in a couple of months. Best battery for trolling motor can inspect up 20 independent current sensors, 14 tanks and 6 battery banks. Pico is outfitted with a Wi-Fi module to work with the application. The application allows the transmission of live data and grants access to history data. Pico's main display exhibits probably the most essential information just with a concise look, it displays:
  • Whatever is left of the charge of the main batteries in rate (SOC),
  • Time left before discharge/time to complete charge,
  • Charging sign,
  • Current heading,
  • Air pressure trend and air trend.
Working modes show present electric and battery currents, battery health data, battery state of charge graph, barogaphy and fluid tanks. Information is everything and a true sailor does not like to be taken unawares!

Ascertain your day by day use of power

You ought to pick the correct duracell golf cart batteries that works for you. If you have small batteries, you will take out excessively charge every day. In a perfect world, the batteries ought to be estimated three times bigger than the vessel's everyday electrical use (the current in Amps of each electrical gadget on load up x number of hours for which you hope for it to run daily).

Limit your capacity prerequisites

This is the least expensive, the best, the most condition and well-disposed technique to enhance your boat's battery life. However, with every one of the gadgets we can not live without, it seems to be a difficult task. You could try keeping the fridge organized and insulated, change the lights to LED and put them off when not in use.

Include a hydro generator, a wind turbine and a solar panel

For keeping best marine battery fully charge when needed, build a hybrid system, fit in a wind turbine on board or buy marine solar panels, Ensure to use renewable sources.

Include an alternative smart charger

With an ordinary alternator, just a little level of the output will reach the boat batteries. A savvy charging regulator will keep the charge rate from dropping after some time. As it will keep the charging rate close to the starting figure, the alternator can energize the battery within a shorter period. It may not sound nice but it is actually the truth; best 8 volt golf cart batteries degrade after some time. A marine arena does not offer the perfect conditions for a battery. The reliable and ideal way to avoid battery disappointment is to take care of them:
  • Ensure you are getting the correct battery for the planned assignment,
  • Keep the battery sound with appropriate charging and upkeep.
Be sure to check your batteries before you take off. Wishing you the calmest of seas and the most favorable winds!

C-TEK – a unique series of high-tech battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries

CTEK Smarter Charger

CTEK Smarter Charger

Wecome to C-TEK! Are your concern about C-TEKS? Let’s see all smart features of this charger below:

The Benefits when using a C-TEK charger

CTEK Smarter Chargers have an ability to maximize the life expectation of your battery. Let’s see a function of patented desulfation, compared with its normal life, it can expand the lifespan of your battery. It can be enhanced 2 or 3 times. Annually, a growth rate of more than 50% for six years, people in the world are looking for CTEK chargers as a worthy investment to keep their boats, vehicles, motorcycles, and so on, in prime condition. It is very useful for all kinds of vehicle, right ?

Smart Battery of Charger

When using a unique charge algorithm, there are over 8 steps which the CTEK Smarter Battery Chargers will go to read. After that, you can communicate with your battery immediately. CTEK Smarter Battery Chargers will charge only to its direct needs. Therefore, they can help you prevent or avoid any possibility of the incorrectly charging battery. In addition, ensuring the battery will be conditioned as well as charged. This is the reason why your batteries have an ability to last very extremely longer. Moreover, each CTEK Smart Battery Charger can regulate the mains voltage to protect any sensitive hi-fi and electrical equipment. And of course, you can last the life expectancy of them.

It is really great right? Why don’t you grab CTEK right now? If you are not sure, let see the 2nd smart feature of it.

Smart Battery Performance

Through a series of 4 to 8 steps in their unique charging process, CTEK Smarter Chargers can smartly maintain all the battery in the prime condition. Those chargers will extremely monitor the battery. From that, they will clearly understand the condition of the battery. After that, they will act accordingly: revive, disulphate, charge, maintains and condition. CTEK Smarter Chargers will also regulate the main voltage in order to protect expensive and sensitive audio and electronic equipment. In addition, they can even have a backup power supply that will allow you to charge vehicle batteries. And you will like the noticeable advantage point of CTEK Smarter Chargers, that is  you won’t lose your vehicles program settings.

After reading this C-TEK article, have you get any doubt about this? Ignore them, buy C-TEK right now. You will get C-TEK’s lowest price.

  • Start Date
    Founded in 1997
  • Short Description
    CTEK Smarter Charger at www.SmarterCharger.com designs and develops a unique series of high-tech battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries.
  • Company Overview

    CTEK Power Inc. designs and develops a unique series of high-tech battery chargers and special solutions for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use.

    The cornerstone in CTEK’s successful business concept that allows the development of a new category of battery charger is the extensive knowledge of batteries and electronics. These new battery chargers satisfy not only today’s high demands on battery care, but also take the increasing needs of the growing group of new users into consideration.

    Safety, simplicity and flexibility are key words and requirements that apply to all the products and solutions currently developed and sold by CTEK. Since our initiation, close to three million battery chargers have been sold in 60 countries throughout the world. CTEK is also a reliable OEM supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious car and motorcycle manufacturers.

  • Awards

    * Multi US7002 was voted Top 100 Most Wanted Products by Professional Tool And Equipment News

    * Multi XS3600 was voted ‘Best Buy’ in a head to head test of switched mode chargers by Auto Express magazine in Autumn 2009

    * Multi XS7000 was awarded car Mechanics Best Buy in November 2009 with Multi XS3600 runner up with ‘Commended’

    * CTEK scooped the ‘Product of the Year’ award for its range of chargers from Auto Express in April 2010

    * Multi XS7000 and M300 were rated 5 star by Motor Boats Monthly in UK in July 2010

  • Products
    *CTEK MULTI US 3300
    *CTEK MULTI US 7002
    *CTEK US 800
    *CTEK UC 800
    *CTEK MULTI US 25000
    *CTEK D250S DUAL
    Purchase any of our Smarter Chargers at:https://smartercharger.com/battery-chargers/

  • Phone
    (330) 963-0981

Our Society in the U.S. is broken and we the people are too lazy to fix it

voteI am a very accepting, & nonjudgmental person. I believe that everyone should be treated equally.Those in the present, from the past, and in our future. Every year I see people posting things for Black History Month most of which are informative and educational. Neither of which are bad things. I then see a bunch of people posting stuff about native americans not always informative and educational. To each their own. However, I don’t understand how or why our society hasn’t figured out yet that it isn’t about you, me, or them. It is about all of us. Black History, Native American History, US History, World History, whatever you want to call it. Why don’t we just teach History and call it good. Black’s are mad about slavery, native americans are made about losing their land, americans are mad about not making enough money, as if. What about the rest of the nation and world. I am mad about people starving while america has an obesity epidemic, I am mad about religion being lost to protect people’s feelings. I am mad about mother’s being publicly persecuted for feeding their children. I am mad about soldiers being treated as third class humans for fighting the battles that ‘proper society’ started. I am mad about single parents who work their asses off to provide for their families and can’t get assistance. I am mad that other single parents sit around goofing off, playing games, and making the entertainment industry rich while the tax dollars of those hard working single parents provide them with assistance. I am mad that the youth of today are being educated and taught that doing the least amount for the most reward is acceptable. Our Society in the U.S. is broken and we the people are too lazy to fix it. Use the energy you exert complaining to effect change. Actions have and always will be louder than words.

Big Love to you all!

chicagoI haven’t had much to say politically so far. I was excited our country evolved enough to vote for a very intelligent man, who happened to be black. But then came congress who had their agreement to never support ANY of our president’s plans of any kind, even if it would have helped our country. And the constant barrage of racism and ignorance which washed across this country has been so depressing. Lobbyists and the almighty dollar…bribes…make our policies, with many of these policies being made to the actual detriment of all of our health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of generations to come.And so many of the lies we are told are so ridiculous and obvious, and yet people believe the stupidest of these lies. The worst is the way religion is used as a tool by politicians who believe themselves to be gods. Politicians who manipulate citizens by making empty religious references in pretense to try to get the evangelical vote, when they are so openly against every teaching of Christianity, make me sick. And there’s the gerrymandering and making the act of voting more difficult for people. And trick voting machines. These things infuriate and depress me. I am sad Gitmo is still open (a lucrative operation for Haliburton). I am sad we have politicians who think torture is ok. I am sad our drones have killed many children. I am sickened at the ignorance displayed re: refugee children, homelessness, the hatred shown towards all Muslims due to the extremists. I am sad about the world view of this country, as in people do not even know basic history or geography of this world in which we all share. I am sad how people are thrilled about perpetuating violence. I am sad people who have more melanin in their skin have to worry about being murdered, or their children being murdered. For just walking down the street.
We have some true malignant narcissists running for president and I am sad, thinking…the wrong decision can actually be very dangerous for the entire because of the mental illness of several of the people who very well may be our next president. I am sad that Bernie Sanders is obviously the people’s choice, yet there is a good possibility the system may fail the people…I am sad we continue to pay for corporate welfare while we cut money to feed children. And people get arrested for feeding the homeless. Our tax money kills children in Gaza. We do that.

I am sad there are politicians who accept money to say the earth is fine, no global warming or climate change here.

So I do not have much to say about politics just now. But I will vote, because to note vote is unconscionable .Thank you to you brave warriors who fight evil and try to bring Love to all in this great big mess of our world. You are heroes. The love for the many good folks who believe we are all One and Loves his/her earthmates makes being her worthwhile. Big Love to you all!

Locating Stove Fuel in an Overseas State

Setting up for an intercontinental exploration whether it is mountain climbing in the Himalayas, bike padding the Alps, or trekking through Pakistan, all necessitates additional concern for equipment, specifically stove as the first choice. Even though you can take flight with your stove, you cannot take wing with highest run-of-the-mill stove fuels. This possibly will result in you questioning:

How do I find out the stove fuel I want, in an overseas state? In addition, what further kinds of fuel can I use up?

Manifold factors originate in our minds, once determining which stove to grab hold of in the initial position, area, expedition period and time of year, the whole thing reasons in.

Besides, it is imperative to methodically study the precise places you’re set out to tour; discussions are a prodigious station to get under way.

On the other hand, at this time are the nuts and bolts to be acquainted with, as soon as arranging to carry your most wanted stove in a foreign country with you.

Fluid camping fuel white gas, naphtha, Coleman fuel, and gas fuel cylinders are vended in a diversity of localities universally these times.

Besides North America, Europe also proposes various alternatives in fuel types.

In consequence, if you’re on a quick-speed, load-mindful hike all the way through the Alps, an effective container stove similar to the Reactor is a safe and sound gamble and a suitable optimal.

But then again for expeditions into the evolving globe, or out-of-the-way quests far-off from the packed down track and re-stock locations, a multi-fuel stove stays on the medal benchmark for planet tourists.

No worry everyplace you pass on, you’ll be capable of unearthing fuel for a stove just like the XGK EX or Whisper Lite Universal.

Canister Fuel Accessibility and Preferences

Container fuel like butane, propane, or mixture of both is commonly traded, but it’s not sold world over.

In locations such as North America, Europe and widely held sightseering or hiking areas, for instance Patagonia and the Khumbu in Nepal, you can believe to discover container fuels for trade.

Condition you can’t find an al fresco store, try out a hardware retailer, gas station or expediency store.

In this day and age, maximum containers practice a regular threaded control device; therefore, compatibility is not as much of a trial as it was before.

You will be able to be self-assured in locating can fuels in these areas: North America, Patagonia, Himalayas, Pakistan, Israel, Europe, South Africa and Parts of Central America.

Purchase from a reliable supplier to endorse that you’re under no circumstances paying for a restocked container.

We’ve picked up reports of containers being hazardously replenished with 100% propane, the weight of which majority of the canisters are not devised to hold out.

For MSR container fuel stoves, save for the Super Fly, you’ll want a looped, self-closing container.

MSR IsoPro containers are retailed internationally.

The Super Fly stove functions mutually on looped and non- looped self-closing containers, like the Campingaz patented containers, which are widespread in Europe; however the of-age puncture-style containers won’t do the job.

Liquid Fuel Accessibility, Preferences & Global Terms

Similar to containers, customary camp out fuel white gas, for example MSR’s unpolluted flaming amalgam of Super Fuel can be stumbled upon in out-of-doors supplies, hardware retailers and gas stations in utmost advanced expanses. On the other hand, if you’re keen on setting out into an unfamiliar place, there’s a sound likelihood that you’ll be dependent on at certain times, on any of these fuels itemized further down. There are benefits and drawbacks to every single one that you’ll need to be conscious of, but then this is a concise outline.

Kerosene Fuel

All the more so in maximum faraway stretches of the world, you can be sure of unearthing kerosene in marketplaces or stores. Its attributes and finesse show a discrepancy significantly from state to state, in addition it is unclear, foul-smelling and can be challenging to set fire to. But then again, it’s reasonably priced and so commonly obtainable that it’s the fuel to be dependent on, by a lot of the universal wanderers.

Diesel Fuel

A lot of points in time, diesel is unproblematic to change to than white gas. Unluckily, similar to kerosene, its features are different, in addition to its reeking and can clog up your stove at the double. The XGK EX stove, an excursion driving force, can come to grips with diesel more expertly than just about a few other stoves on offer, calling for a reduced amount of looking after using such murky fuels.

Locomotive Gasoline Fuel

Despite the fact that automobile gas, i.e., petrol, may well give the impression of an evident likelihood fuel, assumed the ease of access to gas stations in lots of places around the world, you are supposed to take it into account as the very last alternative. Despite the fact that it burns stronger than kerosene, it has shortcomings together with the piece of evidence that the superheating method of backpacking stoves roots the condiments and contaminations in petrol to fill up your stove rapidly and block it up in no time at all, turning your trip into a stressful venture.

Unnatural Alcohol/Spirits Fuel

You have got to come up with an explicit alcohol-use up stove to burn up spirits. These stoves don’t go in the usual category of liquefied-fuel stoves. Spirits stoves are every so often home-produced and as a consequence number one in the hasty and manageable throng, seeing that they can be over-the-top – weightless.

For sure, at hand are additional alternatives in lieu of stove fuels on sale there in the market, but then again, those are the sorts you’re extremely to be expected to bump into. Prior to your outing, comprehend the varieties of fuel your stove is accustomed to, so as not to catch yourself by a long way from the nearby settlement, in the company of a fuel you can’t avail yourself of.


I shall just say this in case anybody thinks

I shall just say this in case anybody thinks I’ve gone all SNP:

I’m local to Lossie and have always felt that the RAF base should not be here. The adverse affects, in terms of air and noise pollution, as well as the constant tension between military personnel and the local populace are plain to see for anyone without a vested interest

Certain local businessmen are happy to entertain a military presence. Those same businessmen spend most of the year away from Lossie. Villas in Spain, etc. Occasionally they return to their hometown for a wee holiday, a few rounds of golf then prop up the bar and make inappropriate comments to the young lassies who serve their drinks.
Of course, those same people voted No. And they are the same muppets who come out with the Hate the English slogans anytime there’s a fitba match on.
This particular corner of Scotland, in other words Lossiemouth Scotland is about as corrupt as it gets in my opinion. Angus Robertson MP and the SNP really need to bear this in mind before they run around waving silly flags and saying SAVE THE RAF.
What we’ve seen with the closure of Raf Kinloss is a revitalised economy when what was predicted was financial collapse. There’s a real positive buzz in Forres when you go there.
In Lossie all there is is doom and gloom. I guess that’s what happens when Jet fighters fly low over your houses ten hours a day, five days a week.
You become disillusioned with the political process. This is what happens when careerists take charge. Democracy is dead in the gutter. It no longer exists except in the work of a few artists and writers nobody bothers reading because their work presents a challenge to the established view that essentially might is right, and forget the human cost.

A warm hug as Kevin was heading out to work this morning started my day off right!

He had let me sleep in a bit while he was getting ready for work. I love how we take care of each other! Jennifer and I had so much fun on a shopping trip to Walmart yesterday. I had errands to run in town so we took advantage of some free time. I enjoyed chatting with several old friends while there. We put up the big tree in my living room early afternoon. That brings my total to three so maybe I should quit at that? LOL Alyson was here after school to see the tree. She has to be the absolute sweetest child ever! She asked if she could feed the goats for me. She and Jennifer had the barn chores done in record time! I so appreciate their thoughtfulness. I enjoyed a phone call with my sweet friend, Judi.

I love how we can chat about everything. She is such a sweet caring soul and I love her! Kevin and I loaded his dad’s golf cart last night for the gentleman who bought it. His mom had wanted to sell it since it is no longer in use. I could see the pain in his eyes as another part of his dad’s world was swept away. The closeness they had shared is deep in his soul. Papaw is so missed by all of us. Today is my dad’s birthday. I woke with him on my mind. He loved Christmas and this time of year is hard without him. He always made a big plate of peanut butter fudge for everyone to share. What joy he brought to each of us! I have my office work done and laundry in the works. I am hoping to run for some last minute items needed for the holidays. Alyson has a basketball game this evening. Kevin will meet me there after work. She is her Grandpa’s girl! Enjoy and be blessed as the weekend approaches. Remember to be kind…..it fills your soul with joy! “Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.”

Note to you Republican Haters!

Note to you Republican Haters! And to the guy that posted this STUPID picture!! If you hate what the Republicans are doing to this country, give me a call and I’ll help you pack..And take your left wing extremist drivel with you, and tell it to someone who cares.

I happen to LOVE my country more than I HATE Obama,I think Obama is a lazy horrible excuse for a president. He’s playing golf while our citizens are being killed..he holds a press conference for some thug who got shot Because he assaulted a police officer, yet I don’t see any press conference about Christians being slaughtered, or Jews being killed for anti-Semitic reasons. Obama, can’t even call our enemies what they are. Yes he did have news condenses about ISIS but, instead of calling them out for their terrorist attacks, he called them a Junior Varsity type. Healthcare, or (Obamacare has doubled and will soon be tripled in some cases.) I am tired of paying for the illegal’s coming in. They are in many cases drug addicts, filthy people who dirty our streets, lower our salaries, and cause our economy to tank.
That in itself says much about his lack of leadership skills. When someone says they are at war with you, you may want to take them at their word.
Obama is a liar. He ignores the constitution. The national debt is higher than ever, and he spent more time on Vacations than almost any president to date. He thinks killing babies is okay. He is scum, and the list goes on and on. he is arrogant, a liar, condescending, a liar, thin skinned, a liar, a narcissist, a liar, a bully, a liar, lazy and a liar. With Obama, it’s always about racism! And oh yes, his appointees have been miserable.
In MY eyes, he’s the worst president that this country has ever had! And no matter what YOU say or think, I think that the ONLY reason that the one and only reason that he was elected the first time was because he’s black,. But thankfully he won’t be around much longer…

And as for the Benghazi Lie, SURE It was a cover-up, of course. Hillay Clinton and Susan Rice was covering for Obama… In a re-election year a fiction that the administration believed would do the least amount of damage to President Obama’s campaign.
The administration couldn’t allow itself to admit that things were going poorly in the Middle East after it had been saying progress was being made.

Hillary herself went with the story even though she knew it wasn’t true. But was she merely a cog in the conspiracy to cover up the truth, or one of its planners?
And Ole Hillary says “what difference does it make!”


Historic Wintersburg

I normally do not post on FB pages other than the official pages associated with Historic Wintersburg. It’s more a matter of not having the time; there are thousands of hours invested in saving a historical site and not enough hours in the day.

I will post this one statement. My apologies I do not have time for an ongoing thread.

I saw statements attributed to me that are simply not accurate, as well as “historical facts” that are not accurate. If anyone wants the factual history, please read the Historic Wintersburg blog, my book (my 2nd book in progress), or go to our Facebook page.

Please be cautious of Facebook “experts.” Please be respectful of those who are represented by this history. We work very hard to get things “right.”

We are not advocating for re-zoning or destruction of any of the historical structures. We would love a heritage park, something I have stated many times over the past 8+ years I have worked to save Historic Wintersburg. Anyone who has actually known me for the past 8+ years knows I have advocated for full preservation. And that I expressed concern publicly about the impact of development proposals in Oak View (included in my statements made part of the public record during years of City hearings.

The reality is we do not own the property. The property owner has rights. The concepts proposed by the upcoming Urban Land Institute technical study are just that: CONCEPTS for discussion. Yes, they come at this effort with a particular point of view, but their concepts are not “the plan.” One concept I particularly like is preservation with restoration of farm uses at the property.

However, until the day I win the Powerball, it is not my decision!

The number one recommendation from the ULI is the creation of a community council to discuss concepts. As they noted there is a severe polarization of views. This council would include residents from Oak View who live there 24-7, the property owner, the preservationists, non profits who work in the neighborhood, school officials. This would be a respectful, facilitated process by which we can work toward feasible concepts.

The ULI recommendations are ONE set of ideas, a proof of concept that shows preservation can work in many forms and that it can include uses that generate revenue to maintain it. Preservationists are ready to fund raise for the preservation projects and we are partnering with our country’s number one expert, the National Trust.

Are we working on other paths to achieve preservation? Yes. I’ve just learned not to share things publicly until they become more reality, to avoid misinformation, disruption, tweeting and Facebook-ing.

As someone who served on this City’s human relations task force and on a number of humanitarian/civil rights issues over several decades, please know I will not participate in throwing anyone under the bus. I am concerned about all the parties coming together and healing a rift. I’m an optimist and will continue working toward that.

I do want to thank the large number of people here, in Huntington Beach (and nationally) who have expressed concern and that they want to see Historic Wintersburg preserved. That to me shows a lot of heart. You’re good people.

We’d love to see all of you at our next fundraising event on Dec. 4 at the Newland House. It is a joint event with the Huntington Beach Historical Society, Holidays in Huntington Beach, circa 1915. Find your 100-year-old clothes, come talk with us face-to-face and have some fun!

I need help for Paragon

I’m currently a very ‘meh’ player at this game. I really thought I would do well; but I’m not good. I typically get 2-oed in tournaments, and that’s… not what I wanted. I want to win for once, to not get bodied or drown in pools there, and to make myself proud.

For Paragon, I want to go as far as possibly could; I dream of making top 64. I’m currently learning Sheik, but I may play Ike (current main/secondary) there and I was going to drop Robin (current main) for now because you have to be REALLY good with him (Xzax’s level at least) to do well in tourneys. I’ve also thought about learning either ZSS or Meta Knight, since they’re both really good tournament options. I’m still really thinking about whether I should drop my main(s) just to so I have a better chance of winning; so I would greatly appreciate some suggestions in that area too.

Since I’ll be playing to win, I need to know all that I can about the game, it’s characters, matchups, best stages; anything that I can apply in a tournament match. Because of that, I would greatly appreciate at least one other good player (it would be awesome if someone on the PR would be willing to help but everyone is welcome) to help in my training for the event.

I already have a list of things I know I need to work on and perfect by then. These bad habits and things I need help on include:
*Rolling (I’m not a cinnamon roll, but I still roll enough for players to read and punish it)
*More precise inputs (Best example of my failure was when I side-b’d instead of up-b-ing back to stage as Sheik; and I do fsmash with her a lot because I’m trying to go for ftilt. I also can’t short hop, fair and fastfall; either I do a full jump instead or I do a dair.
*Careful when fast falling (People have been able to punish me for my fast falling back to stage; I have begun to be less predictable about it, but it’s still a problem until I stop getting punished by it.)
*Ledge getup (There are a lot of options on getting back onstage; and I’ve seen a lot of players do things like getting off the ledge and attacking; and I’ve never considered that. Also, you can probably read how I usually get back onstage and punish me for it.)
*The top-player mentality (Top players are able to think about multiple options at a time, react and follow up immediately, and know all about who they’re facing, and what other character they’re going against. I need to get a mentality close to or exactly this by then.)
*Reaction time (This goes with the whole top player mentality I mentioned. An example of my messing up here would be me getting a down tilt off as Ike, which gives you a free fair or nair, instead of following up; I didn’t do anything. I really need to get something like this down in time; the ability to react at a moment’s notice.)
*Anxiety (I’ve only had an anxiety attack once, and that was a long and interesting story that I’ll only tell if you really want to hear it; because it was… weird. But if I have an anxiety attack there, unless I focus on what’s going on and react properly, I’m finished. I haven’t had an anxious or nervous moment in months thankfully, so I don’t think it will happen unless some crazy stuff happens.)
*Sheik (I especially need help on playing her; I do know some of the BnB combos, like fthrow to bouncing fish. I want to know a lot of the other combos she can get off; especially at the later percents.)

These are just some of the things I know I need help on. If you’re interested in helping, tell me ANYTHING(I mean anything, even the most character-specific thing, just tell me); or we could get some games going. If you’re interested in one or both of these; you can leave your information here or message me for playing and advice; whatever’s best for you.

Don’t tell me to practice; it’s a really generic response that doesn’t tell me much on how to get better. Instead, tell me how to practice; what I should practice. Also, I know that a lot of these things (especially the top-player mentality thing) will take a lot of time to get proficient with, so just tell me how I could accelerate the time it would take for me to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for helping me, some low-level player, get really good in time for the big event. This is WAY too long, I know; so sorry for that. I’m especially sorry if I wasted your time in any way.

Jason Douglas Greene Story

I don’t like the thought of shooting another human being. For me, the highest valuing of human life comes from the belief that humans are created in God’s image. Human beings are designed to have a naturally upward gaze, looking toward our creator. We have hands that are meant to help others, feet that will walk with the weary and downtrodden, and hearts of compassion for the oppressed.
So we are often faced with how to best confront evil.
We love our enemies, we seek the good of all, and we show mercy to those who are often in the wrong.
And yet we seek justice for our fellow human beings. We protect them from those who would terrorize, rape, oppress, or murder our fellow human being. We do this wherever needed, and that means that we act where we are.
I’m not a gun nut. I’m not a member of the NRA. I don’t have an arsenal of weapons in my home. I only have a couple of shotguns and pistols. These guns have never acted up. They’ve never once misbehaved, nor have they loaded themselves and shot anyone; acting of their own cognition. They’ve never done anything alone, except sit in their normal spots; unless I or Rachel used them as a tool to practice firing shells or bullets into a target. They are benign and incapable of anything, unless we use them as an act of our will, and by force of physical exertion.
When used, they can be a a source of protecting innocent people or they can be used in “gun violence.” Once again, I must reiterate that they are incapable of acting alone.
Yesterday there were some really bad persons who used guns to do really bad things. Remember now, the guns didn’t act alone, they were utilized by evil people and only became operative as an act of their will. Thus we had what’s referred to as an incident of gun violence.

Once again, it turns out that the “gun violence” didn’t just happen with the guns operating by themselves. Those guns were used by “very religious” Muslims. (the father’s words) These Muslims used guns, they acted as terrorists, and they slaughtered innocent people. I only refer to them being Muslim because CAIR came to the microphones as quickly as possible, expressing ignorance as to how this could happen. As a side note the UAE, considers CAIR to be a terrorist organization, but I digress.
Had there been a good Muslim, Christian, Jew, or none of the above, in close proximity, with a loaded semi-automatic gun, and used it accurately, as a life preserving resource, we might have a different story today.
But we can’t do that, because guns are bad…
See everything’s all better now.
We need a strong dose of logic, commitment to protecting our fellow human beings, love of neighbors, and we must value the virtues that created and upheld Western civilization as the best model for living at peace with others.
Just something to think on, and written in response to a piece that was put forth by a well meaning person who believes in disarming the general public.

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